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My name is Jerry Huang,
founder of StinkyFeetSolutions.com 

Jerry Huang

Let Me Tell You Straight... My Condition...

I was a severe victim of having stinky feet or foot odor. After wearing my shoes for a while, the moments when I took off my shoes were always embarrassing when there were people nearby. Simply because the disgusting smell was so strong that people couldn't ignore. Sometimes I could also smell it myself.

What's more troublesome is that I am currently serving national service in Singapore. There are a lot of times when I need to wear the stuffy boots for very long period. The longest so far is 3 consecutive days without taking off my boots. 

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I'm also the one who tend to sweat a lot not just my feet. I have sweaty palms as well. As you would have probably known, sweat is the root cause of foot odor.​ And that's why I had this serious problem. FYI, I had athlete's foot before which spread to my palms 🙁 

Being an empathetic person, I really felt embarrassed and sorry for others. There were times when I just wanted to find some ways to hide myself from others and never appear again.

This problem was really annoying!

Due to the strong smell, I couldn't take off my shoes during a long flight, especially in Economy Class where the seats are so closed together and the space is so small. I couldn't take off my shoes in the car either, or else people in the car can smell it too. It doesn't end there. There are lots of circumstances where you will feel inconvenient and embarrassing for having a pair of stinky feet. If you are a victim of this, I'm sure you can resonate and understand these feelings.


After doing some serious research online and asking others for help, I'm now able to remedy my foot odor with the help of Internal and External solutions. Internal solutions are the types of diet and lifestyle to indirectly reduce the smell of my feet. External solutions can be further broken down into "foot care" and "foot gear care" to directly remove the smell of the feet and shoes.

My Mission

One common issue I found across the Internet is that all the solutions for stinky feet are all over the place.

There isn't a proper sequence to follow. People are not sure where to start and which one to execute​.

Thus, with this website, I aim to offer an easy-to-follow guide for anyone who truly wants to get rid of stinky feet effectively.​

Let's all smell good and never be embarrassed again!

A Little Bit About Myself

My whole family is from Taiwan. But I'm currently living in Singapore for my studies and national service. I moved to Singapore when I was 12 and I'm holding a Permanent Resident (PR) Pass here. I'm 19 now.

I have a lovely Taiwanese girlfriend who is 10 years older than me. Not only that, I'm in a long distance relationship with her for more than 2 years. We've been through a lot of obstacles and are stilling undergoing some of the difficulties. But we love each other and our relationship is very stable.

I plan to marry her in 5 years' time. I have another website which is called Long Distance Mentors. If you want to learn more about Our Story, please head over to LDM.

I recommend you to check it out if you have issues with your relationship (Not just long distance). 

Jerry and Ivy

Yes! That's my girlfriend, Ivy and I at Sentosa, Singapore 🙂

​P.S. If you just got into a relationship, it's very embarrassing when your partner realizes your strong foot odor.

Don't wait any longer. Let's solve this together now!​

Thanks for discovering more about me.
It's time for me to help you with your Smelly Feet.
(There's nothing to be embarrassed on my site)

Get Rid of the Annoying & Embarrassing Smell ASAP!

(If you have any questions or just want to reach out to me and say hi, please head over to my Contact Page.)

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